The "Port" Pullover


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Come feel alive again people and celebrate all the pleasures in life without any of the secondhand... Inspired by the Menthol Kings, we present to you the "Ports" pullover..

- Full Embroidery on S700 Champion Hoody for level up quality.

- True to size fit.. its not that serious, get your size.

- Sure to have all the birds flockin', and the nerds talkin'!!

- Plus Size Model is wearing a XXL ( Does it really matter? He became a sex symbol as soon as he pulled this magical hoody over his head and to all that dare put on this sweater be prepared to be idolized by many!! you should be pumped!!! )

* All Orders will be shipped aprox. 2-3 weeks upon ordering due to COVID-19 delays in parcel services* ( No worries, its SUPER worth it! )